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StreetC/i\rLife Spans generations, my father was a gear head, I am a gear head and my sons are gear heads, 4 Life … STREETC/i\RLIFE!!! Below in the automotive experiences, is Shane and his father’s awesome rides, His dad’s 39 in the back ground with Shane’s Wicked Grand nation in White sporting his STREETC/i\RLIFE Sticker!


StreetC/i\rLife started when we were youngsters, we would race just about anything on the street (including bicycles). Back then during the summer, we would get kicked out of the house in the morning and told we had better be back before the street light came on! And believe me, you were Only late ONCE!

Automotive Experiences

StreetC/i\rLife is about all types of automotive experiences, cruise-ins @ Coker tire or the Rod Run in Gatlinburg, people enjoying their rides. Cars, trucks, bikes, low-riders, 4X4’s, customs, hot-rods, rat-rods, everything from a concourse car to the crazy custom rides at SEMA.

Welcome To StreetCarLife

StreetCarLife is about Life, and Life's Passion with the Automobile! The burning desire to Go fast, Go Loud, Go Big, or Go HOME! StreetCarLife is All Car experiences rolled into to one Gearhead ... You! And of course Me .. and Him and Her, them over there .. You see where I am going here.. As a Good Friend Rusty Bridges Said: "In this town ... if you have a Fast car ... Your Somebody!!" You Can catch him and his freinds on Red Devil Racers FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter;

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All StreetCarLife products are available for pickup at Speed Machine and Manufacturing. It is located at 2073 Tyner Rd. Chattanooga, TN

It's not just about the ride, it's about the Journey!

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StreetCarLife is about Life, and Life's Passion with the Automobile! Get your Swag Now!

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